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CANZED Seminars in Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy

CANZED Seminars offers high quality, interactive post-graduate level training in the Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy as well as educational material and physical adjuncts to clinical practice. Jack Miller is the director of CANZED Seminars. He is a founding member of the Mulligan Concept Teacher’s Association and a fully accredited teacher of the Mulligan Concept. Jack delivers Mulligan Concept instructional courses primarily in Canada and the Caribbean but also in Europe and North America at large.

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Jack Miller, Bsc, PT, NZ, MCISc, MCTA, a Physiotherapist and Mulligan Practicioner

Dr. Jack Miller, B.Sc.(P.T.), Dip.MT. (N.Z.), MClSc, DPT, FCAMPT, a Physiotherapist in clinical practice in London Ontario, holding faculty positions at Canadian Universities including McMaster University and the University of Toronto, delivers post-graduate seminars relating to evidence-based manual therapy and advanced clinical practice in musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. He is a former President and current Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physical Therapy. Find out more about Jack Miller.